Is My Son/Daughter Eligible for River Delta Unified's State Preschool?


All families are required to provide documentation to verify eligibility as required by the CA State Department of Education. Eligibility documentation must be completed before an entry date is scheduled.

Eligibility is based on documentation and verification of at least one of the following categories:

  1. All children entering preschool must be 3 by December 1st of the year you are enrolling.
  2. Homeless
  3. Current cash aid recipient
  4. Income
  5. Child protective services referral
  6. At risk of neglect, abuse, or exploitation referral

Family size must be documented by acceptable documentation such as, birth certificates, verification of marital status, etc.

  • Families, who seek full day service, must demonstrate a need for extended hours by verifying one of the following criteria:
  • Employment (current paychecks, employment verification, etc.)
  • Seeking employment (signed agreement)
  • Training towards vocational goal (schedule of classes, training verification, grade/progress report, etc.)
  • Homeless/Seeking permanent housing (written referral and/or signed statement)
  • Referral (Court or professional written certification)

If a parent provides fraudulent, incomplete or misleading information to establish initial or ongoing income eligibility and/or need, services will be terminated.

Children participating in the part time program must re-qualify each school year.


Families must meet the income guidelines established by the CA State Department of Education’s Family Fee Schedule

Total countable income means all income of the individuals counted in the family size, for example:

  • Gross wages or salaries
  • Overtime
  • Tips
  • Cash aid
  • Child support payment received
  • Portion of student grants or scholarships not identified for educational purposes.

Income documentation must verify the month preceding certification. All eligible income sources must be verified by appropriate documentation, such as, payroll check, we reserve the right to ask for all necessary documentation to verify income.


Number of Children Monthly combined income must be less than:
1 to 2 $7,209
3 $8,154
4 $9,441
5 $10,952
6 $12,462
7 $12,745
8 or more $13,029