Introducing the Delta Vine!

The Delta Vine is Delta High School’s new digital student newspaper created by the students in Delta High’s Journalism class. Our purpose is to report on stories and share our insights about our school and community. We hope to highlight major events on campus, our athletic programs, campus and community arts, student perspectives, and our amazing staff. But most importantly, the Delta Vine will serve as a voice for the students at Delta High School. We plan to publish our paper regularly, posting our issues here on the Delta High School website. We will announce new issues and share out links with students, families, and the community upon publication. The Delta Vine is led by the Student Editor-in Chief, Copeland Ivener, and Teacher Advisor, Mr. Gallegos. Please feel free to send any feedback or news tips to the Delta Vine’s teacher advisor, Mr. Gallegos, at


Staff and student Newspaper Staff

Top Row (L to R): Mr. Gallegos, Elizabeth Becerra, Teddy Reynolds, Chase Parkinson, Sam Taylor, Copland Ivener, Esteban Flores Bottom Row (L to R): Morgan Jones, Santiago Uribe, Vianey Estrada, Sebastian Romero, Sky Bryant, Braxton Friend Not Pictured: Isaac Estrada