Bates Elementary School

Bates Elementary School is a small but mighty school with less than 100 students on a very large campus. The majority of our students and their families speak Spanish at home.‚Äč The 50-acre site looks like a private school located in a residential neighborhood. We have two large gyms, two theater stages, two large playgrounds, two large fields, twelve classrooms in one main building, the Courtland Public Library on campus, and no bungalows or portables. On the way to school, you may enjoy viewing the neighboring vineyards, pear orchards, small farmhouses, and the beautiful Sacramento River.

Bates Elementary School is located 15 miles from Elk Grove, 20 miles from Galt, and 22 miles from the South, West, and Downtown Sacramento areas.

180 Primasing Ave.

Courtland CA 95615