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CAASSP Overview (English)

Why are summative assessments important?

• Summative assessments are critical, now more than ever, to providing administrators and teachers with high-quality student and school achievement data to track potential learning loss in order to inform teaching and learning.

• Statewide summative assessments are an essential component of an equitable, valid, and balanced assessment system, especially amid the disruption caused by the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic. They help provide actionable data for improvements and targeting supports to students most in need.

• Statewide summative assessments shed light on the progress of students who are disproportionately impacted by school closures, including those who are English learners, minorities, and low income, and students with disabilities.

• Statewide summative assessments are required under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act to help provide a uniform measure of student achievement.


Next Steps: What device Do you use?

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