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Social Science Grades 7-12

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Social Studies

PBS LearningMedia: A series of readings, documents, videos, and learning games about a variety of topics.

• Read an article, do a learning activity, or watch a video and write one paragraph that explains something new that you learned.

Biography Online: Biographies of 100+ most famous people in history.

• Biography Exploration: Go to Biography Online and choose a person you find interesting. Read their biography and then write one paragraph that explains why you think they made the list of the top 100 famous people.

• News Exploration: Go to any of the news sites listed below and find an article on a topic you are interested in. Next find another article on the same topic from a different news source. Compare and contrast the coverage of the topic by the two sources, pointing out the similarities and differences in the coverage. Why do you think these similarities and differences exist?

CNN 10

DOGO News 

Fox61 Student News

Google News

Knowhere News

KQED Above the Noise

Newsela (in Clever)

News for Kids

PBS NewsHour Extra

Smithsonian Teen Tribune

Student News Daily

Teen Kids News

Mr. Nicky's World History Songs

iCivics: A series of articles, videos, activities and games that cover a wide variety of topics about national, state, local, and tribal government.

• Spend time learning something new about how government works in America by reading an article, watching a video, doing an activity, or playing a civics game. Click on the play (games) or teach (articles, videos, activities) tabs to find an interesting topic to explore. When you are finished, write one paragraph that explains something new that you learned.

Google Earth Voyager: A set of digital field trips from around the world.

ª Virtual Field Trip: Choose one of the following museums to investigate. After visiting the museum, write one paragraph that explains what you liked best at the museum and what you learned at the museum.

Smithsonian Museum of American History: Choose from a large variety of exhibits currently on display at the actual museum and some online exhibits that curators have archived.

• United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Choose from 16 different online exhibits that tell the story of the Holocaust.

• Nova—Explore North America: Explore the geological history of North America by visiting sites all over the continent.

• George Washington’s Mount Vernon: Visit the home of George Washington and his wife Martha and tour the inside and outside of the residence. Included in the virtual tour are short explanations and short videos describing important artifacts.

Civil War 360 Civil War Trust: Visit the major battlefields of the American Civil War and learn about each battle through video and written explanations.

Ellis Island: Take an interactive tour of Ellis Island exploring historical photos, film footage, and oral histories to trace the path of many immigrants. This site also includes a teacher’s guide created by Scholastic.

The Louvre: Choose from three different online tours of the Louvre to explore some of its treasures.

Museo Galileo: Travel to Florence, Italy to visit the Galileo Museum and learn about the life and times of this great scientist. Visit the rooms of the museum and view short videos (in English) about the scientific revolution and Galileo’s discoveries.

The Sistine Chapel: Visit the Sistine Chapel and view the art of Michelangelo as you take a 360 degree tour of the masterpieces.

• The Great Wall of China: Visit the Great Wall of China on this 360 degree tour of one of the greatest man-made structures in the world.

Maryland and the Underground Railroad: Experience firsthand what it would have been like to be a slave trying to escape through the Underground Railroad. This interactive site includes not only a tour of the experiences of the escaping slaves but also a series of primary sources related to the Underground Railroad.

• Versailles Palace: Experience the excitement of visiting the Versailles Palace by exploring the gardens, fountains, and the rooms in this magnificent palace created by Louis XIV. Learn why this palace and its residents became the envy of Europe, as you see the splendor of the seat of French government and imagine the lives of those who inhabited it.

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Travel to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and walk through its galleries, looking at some amazing pieces of artwork.

National Women’s History Museum: Travel to Alexandria, Virginia to explore the lives and accomplishments of some of the most influential women in American history and learn about how women in many different fields stood up for change and equality.

Memorial Hall Online Museum of American History: Visit this museum to learn about the life and times of Americans (largely in the 13 colonies) as they made a new existence for themselves in a new location. Explore this website to see what artifacts reveal about a variety of topics such as Shay’s Rebellion and Africans in Early Rural New England. This website includes lessons for teachers that go with the content of the site.

Made in Japan: Experience this online exhibit of Japanese arts and crafts and traditions and learn the history behind them. Be inspired by the amazing artwork and explore the beliefs and customs represented by the handicrafts.

SmartHistory: Discover the exciting history of art.

Yoga and Meditation: Calm down, relax, and meditate.

360˚ Tours: Explore the world in 360˚

The Hidden World of the National Parks: Explore our countries National Parks

Read Aloud History: Listen to a podcast featuring stories from around the world

Cast Your Vote: Experience and election.  Who will you choose?