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Family Panorama Survey

Hello River Delta Unified School District Parents,

On Monday, March 8 you received an email from Panorama Education for each child you have attending a school in the River Delta Unified School District.  These emails ask you to take a survey.  This survey is specifically linked to your child or children’s schools.

The Family Panorama Survey is a tool that is used by River Delta Unified School District in inform administration and teachers of parents’ feelings/thoughts when considering a school’s support for academic learning, school connectiveness, and safety.  Answers to questions also inform the district Local Control and Accountability (LCAP) goals and school site goals.

We ask that you take the Family Panorama Survey for each email that you received.  As each email is connected to a specific school.  We hope that you will consider your thoughts and feeling about that school when taking the survey.

The 21-question survey is multiple choice and is anonymous.  No names will be asked for when taking the survey.

If you did not receive an email from Panorama Education please contact Steve Wright at, or (707) 374-1734.  He will provide you will an anonymous link that can be used to take the survey.

The final day to complete the Family Panorama Survey will be Friday, March 19.

Thank you, for taking the time to complete the surveys.