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Educational Services

Adult Education

Wind River High School

School Contact 

D.H. White Elementary

500 Elm Way Room 10

Rio Vista, CA

Teacher: Jamie Saldana

 (This class is offered with online instruction by appointment.)

Wind River ESL Classes

School Contact

Walnut Grove Elementary

14181 Grove St. Room 11

Walnut Grove

Teacher: Gabino Perez

Tues. and Thurs. 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

(This class is offered with online or in person instruction.) 

Beyond the Bell (After School Program)

River Delta Unified School District offers an after-school enrichment program (Beyond the Bell) through ASES funding, with the purpose providing a safe and educational learning environment for all students at the end of the regular school day. The After School Education and Safety (ASES) Program is the result of the 2002 voter-approved initiative, Proposition 49.

The program begins at the end of the regular school day and continues until 6 p.m. every school day. Those students that participate in ASES receive a healthy dinner (“Linner”) and a snack every day.  All ASES sites vary in their specific delivery model but all ASES programs must provide a nutritional daily snack, homework assistance, literacy support, a variety of enrichment activities and physical activities as well as to help students meet state standards in one or more of the core academic subjects. RDUSD currently operates the program at three elementary sites: Bates, Walnut Grove, and Isleton. They available for all students in grades K-6.

Career and Technical Education


The River Delta Unified District Career and Technical Education (CTE) Department is dedicated to ensuring that students are provided with high-quality Career and Technical Education by integrating rigorous classroom instruction with current, work-based learning experiences that motivate, guide, and empower our students for post-secondary education and careers. The RDUSD CTE Programs will educate and inspire students to be successful citizens, workers, and leaders in the workplace.

Rio Vista High School

Rio Vista High School Industry Sectors 

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Arts, Media & Entertainment 

Building & Construction Trades

Engineering & Architecture 

Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation

Manufacturing & Product Design


Rio Vista High School CTE Pathways

Ag Mechanics



Culinary Arts




Delta High School

Delta High School Industry Sectors

Agriculture & Natural Resources

Building & Construction Trades


Delta High School CTE Pathways

Ag Mechanics 

Ag Construction 

Animal Science 

English Language Learner Program

Master Plan for all English Language Learners

River Delta USD - Master Plan for English Learner Success          English / Spanish

English Language Learners Program Contacts

Department Office

Walnut Grove Elementary School

14181 Grove Street ♦ PO Box 145 ♦ Walnut Grove, CA 95690

(916) 776-1844

Nancy Vielhauer, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services 

MJ Kiwan Gomez , Coordinator of EL Services


School Site                                             Phone                         Contact Person

Bates Elementary                                 (916) 775-1771           MJ Kiwan Gomez

Mokelumne High School                     (916) 775-1771           MJ Kiwan Gomez

Community Day School                       (916) 775-1771           MJ Kiwan Gomez

Walnut Grove Elementary School     (916) 776-1844            Amy Cage

Isleton Elementary School                  (916) 775-6515           Stacy Wallace

D.H. White Elementary School           (707) 374-5335           Mandi Friedel

Delta High School                                  (916) 744-1714          Leticia Magana

Clarksburg Middle School                   (916) 744-1717           Leticia Magana

Rio Vista High School                           (707) 374-6336           Katherine Ingalls

Riverview Middle School                     (707) 374-2345           Jenny Strom / Marcy Rossi



Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)

Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan

Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan 2020-2021   English / Spanish

Educational Services Directory

FAX (707) 374-2901

Nancy Vielhauer, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services (707) 374-1729

Trisha Salomon, Secretary (707) 374-1729