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2016 Board Agenda and Minutes

Board of Trustees, Meeting Agendas and Minutes

The Board of Trustees encourages attendance and participation at Board meetings by parents and interested citizens. Board meetings provide a public forum for providing input into issues which set the direction of the School District.  Board of Trustees Meetings are held on the Second Tuesday of every month with the exception of June when they meet on the second and fourth Tuesday. The public meeting starts at approximately 6:30 p.m. with the exception of the second June meeting which begins at 5:30 p.m.


Board Meeting Agenda Requirements

Anyone may address the Board at their meeting time regarding any subject that is within the Boards subject-matter jurisdiction (Government Code Section 54954.3 and Education code Sections 35145.5 and 72121.5). However, the Board may not take action on any item which is not actually listed on agenda (except as authorized by Government Code Section 54954.2).

Anyone may appear at the Board meeting to testify in support of or in opposition to any item on the agenda being presented to the Board for consideration. It is requested, however, that you hold your comments on a specific agenda item until it is brought up for discussion. If you wish to have an item placed on the agenda for discussion and/or action by the Board, you must notify the Board Secretary in writing no later than ten (10) working days prior to a regularly scheduled Board meeting. The Board of Trustees also hold special meetings and study sessions as needed. Study sessions are for the purpose of discussing an issue in depth without debate. No Board actions are taken at study sessions.

Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance:  Any and all requests for “...any disability-related modification or accommodation, including auxiliary aids or services...” needed to access our agendas or to participate in the public meetings, must be received in writing by the Superintendent’s Office at 445 Montezuma Street, Rio Vista, CA 94571 at least annually before July 1 of each year -- or at least 5 calendar days prior to the individual meeting in question.  All inquiries may be directed to the Superintendent’s Office (707) 374-1711.

Meeting Sites and Addresses

Bates Elementary School - 180 Primasing, Courtland, CA 95615

Clarksburg Middle School - 52870 Netherlands, Clarksburg, CA 95615

Isleton Elementary School - 412 Union St., Isleton, CA 95641

Rio Vista High School - 410 South Fourth St., Rio Vista, CA 94571

Walnut Grove Elementary School - 14181 Grove St., Walnut Grove, CA 95690


Open Session begins at 6:30 unless noted



1/12/2016      Regular Board Meeting - Rio Vista High School                        Agenda / Minutes / Backup Materials

2/9/2016        Regular Board MeetingIsleton Elementary School                 Agenda / Minutes / Backup Materials

3/8/2016        Regular Board Meeting - Walnut Grove Elementary School     Agenda / Minutes / Backup Materials

4/12/2016       Regular Board Meeting - Bates Elementary School                  Agenda / Minutes / Backup Materials

5/10/2016       Regular Board Meeting - Clarksburg Middle School                  Agenda / Minutes / Backup Materials

6/14/2016       Regular Board Meeting - Walnut Grove Elementary School      Agenda / Minutes / Backup Materials /  Site Plans / Public Hearings: Proposed LCAP 16-17 / Proposed Budget 16-17

6/28/2016*      Regular Board Meeting - Rio Vista High School  (*5:30pm)      Agenda / Minutes / Backup Materials Site Plans / Adoptions: LCAP 16-17 / Proposed Budget 16-17

8/9/2016         Regular Board Meeting - Isleton Elementary School                 Agenda / Minutes / Backup Materials

9/13/2016       Regular Board Meeting - Walnut Grove Elementary School     Agenda / Minutes / Backup Materials

9/27/2016       Special Board Meeting - Walnut Grove Elementary School     -  Agenda / Minutes / Backup Materials

10/11/2016     Regular Board Meeting - Bates Elementary School                    -  Agenda / Minutes / Backup Materials

11/8/2016       Regular Board Meeting - Clarksburg Middle School                   -  Agenda / Minutes / Backup Materials

12/13/2016     Regular Board Meeting - Rio Vista High School                        -  Agenda / Minutes / Backup Materials - Agenda de junta - Minutos